Master's Touch®, more than a brand, a fully integrated company with a clear commitment to provide customers with the highest level of quality and safety on all of our products.

Master's Touch® seeks a more direct business approach, so retail customers benefit from reduced handling costs, increased profits, and enhanced food safety protection.

Master's Touch® sells produce from our partner growers located in Southern Baja California, Hermosillo and Sinaloa Mexico.

Our Philosophy

•We are client-focused, we put our customers/partners first and strive to secure their loyalty through top quality produce. We deliver superior and measurable value that exceeds our competitors.

•We value our Employees and seek to help them achieve their full potential. Employees are the key to developing and sustaining relationships: they invest time with our clients, understand their businesses, retain accumulated client knowledge and pass it forward.

•We embrace Professionalism and seek Excellence in everything we do. We place the highest priority on quality, timeliness, and competitiveness of our produce.