Master’s Touch® FAQ’s  

  •  Where are the fields located?

Master's Touch® Brand Products are grown in Southern Baja California Mexico fields of Vizcaino Valley and Meliton Albanez. Taking advantage of the wonderful Baja unique microclimate and soil type provides an environment in which we successfully produce top quality produce.

  • Is Master's Touch®  Brand produce certified?

Yes, Certified CCOF Organic produce, C-TPAT, Fair trade USA, Primus GFS, Global GAP and Mexico supreme quality certified.

  • Where do we find Master's Touch®  Brand LLC products?

Customers include Walmart, Costco, Safeway and many more.

  • Why Choose Master's Touch®  Brand products?

Our number one goal is our customers’ satisfaction.

We have been growing organic produce for our customers for decades

We have several box types to fit a variety of needs

Is committed to preserving and protecting food safety at all levels

  •  Does Master’s Touch® carry certified organic produce?

Yes, we have conventional adaptive environment grown produce, and certified organic varieties as well.

  • Is Master’s Touch® Blue Book Rated?

Yes, Master's Touch®  is listed with BB #188937

  • Is Master's Touch® part of the Tomato Suspension Agreement?

Yes, our growers are part of the signatory list under A-201-820-386

  •  What products are available?

Click Here, to view the produce availability calendar

  •   Where are the Master’s Touch®  FOB?

Nogales - Arizona, San Diego - California, McAllen – Texas

  •   Where are the Master's Touch® warehouses located?

2655 Melksee St, San Diego CA 92154

3021 North Grand Avenue, Nogales AZ 85621