With the latest agricultural methods Master's Touch® grapes are first grown to ripe, full-flavored perfection. Next each bunch is hand-picked, hand-trimmed and field packed before being rushed to forced-air coolers. The result: bunches of perfection.

Creating a high quality selection with fewer picked-apart clusters, reduced losses from loose grapes and overall grater customer satisfaction. Availability Calendar

   Packaging: 18 Lb. Box

Sugra One

Our wonderful bright green Sugar One Grape is a long time consumer favorite for its powerful crunch and light sweet flavor.



This variety produces clusters of large, sweet, and juicy grapes. Resulting in a red, seedless, firm grape with a crisp texture.


  The perlette, the season opener!. This light green, medium-sized, thin-skinned grapes offer a burst of flavor with every bite.


 This variety of grape is well-known and considered as good quality grape even though it is seeded. It is sweet, with firm flesh and crisp ruby red skin.


Summer Royal

Our purplish-black seedless variety come in medium and large size bunches loaded with large berries. They are juicy, firm and have a crisp texture.