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fyvpap.gif (9347 bytes)The flavor excitement is king-size with Maradol papayas from Master's Touch®

This enormous variety is a serious traffic stopper in the produce department. Up to 15 inches long, a simple Maradol can serve four adults, so every individual fruit represents a family-size sale. Maradol's slightly less sweet flavor makes it a serious contender for trendy fruit salsas, or cocktailed with other fruits. And it's delicious drenched with a squeeze of fresh time. Offer your customers Master's Touch® papaya recipes along with our beautiful Maradols and they'll keep coming back.

Pack Size
36 lbs. carton
Hand place packed; individually tissue wrapped
8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18
4 to 15 count, depending on size

Maradol Papaya Wisdom

An ideal Maradol has skin that is banana yellow to light orange. Inside it's ruby-red with little or no white between skin and flesh. Seeds should be completely black, with no hint of white. Handle them gently, they mark and scar easily.

Storage And Handling

Store at 50º to 55º F. and more than 80% humidity. Don't mist them. Customers should keep them at room temperature for full ripening. Then they can be refrigerated up to a week.

Great Nutrition And Easy Prep Make A Popular Papaya

Maradol papayas dish up big, healthy servings of both potassium and Vitamin C, They're fat free, low in sodium and good source of fiber. With all that goodness they're quick and easy to fix. Just peel, halve, scoop out the seeds with a teaspoon and slice for breakfast, fruit salads or salsas.


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